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Privacy Policy

HOTMART SPARKLE respects your privacy and we are committed to taking all the steps in order to preserve it.  

Thus, before you accept the Terms of Use from HOTMART SPARKLE, you should acknowledge and accept our Privacy Policy, with clear and complete information about the collection, use, storage, treatment, and protection of your PERSONAL DATA.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read and pay close attention to the Privacy Policy before you sign up to, or even browse, the HOTMART SPARKLE websites and platform.


The terms stated in the item DEFINITIONS in the Terms of Use are used in this Privacy Policy with the same meanings.

Whenever the terms below are used in capital letters in this Privacy Policy, they have the same meaning as expressed in the current legislation.

REGISTRATION DATA: affiliation, address (including electronic address), PERSONAL qualification, understood as name, surname, marital status, and profession from the User.

PERSONAL DATA: information relating to the natural person. Considered all data that can be directly or indirectly used to identify a person, for example: name, photos, email, bank details, medical information, geolocation, phone number, posts on social media, computer IP address, etc.

PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: every operation made with PERSONA DATA, such as the ones relating to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, storage, deletion, assessment, or control of information, modification, communication, transference, diffusion, or extraction.

1) Collection of PERSONAL DATA and information

Firstly, it is important that you acknowledge and expressly accepts the possibility that HOTMART SPARKLE may collect, receive and store, automatically, Personal Data and information in its servers about the activities from the users’ browsers, including geolocation, IP addresses, cookies, or other identifiable character sequences, and other information from the transactions made through the Platform and App.

Moreover, it is worth reminding you that, to make use of the tools offered by HOTMART SPARKLE, you must sign up to the App and, to do so, you must provide a user identification of your choosing and a phone number to which the access password will be sent.

You are aware that is it your responsibility to provide true, exact, precise, updated and complete information when you sign up for HOTMART SPARKLE. We remind you that providing incomplete or false information constitutes a crime under the law and can lead to severe penalties to those who provide it.  

2) Control of REGISTRATION DATA by the Users

Each user holds control over the REGISTRATION DATA in the profile created at HOTMART SPARKLE, being able to access such data and change it by using his or her login and password. We remind you that login and password are individual and known only by the user, who shall ensure the confidentiality of such data. HOTMART SPARKLE is not held responsible for the manner in which the User uses such data. The users may update their REGISTRATION DATA within HOTMART SPARKLE on the App.

3) Collect and use of PERSONAL DATA and information collected

The PERSONAL and REGISTRATION DATA collected, as well as any other information collected, may be used in the communication between our team and you, in notifications about your activity with HOTMART SPARKLE tools, as well as system alerts and notifications.

Moreover, the PERSONAL DATA and REGISTRATION DATA collected, as well as any other information and access registration to the HOTMART SPARKLE tools may be stored, treated, processed, and used by us with the following purposes:

  • enable the provision of services offered by HOTMART SPARKLE in an effective and efficient way, allowing the operationalization in a fast and safe manner;
  • help, whenever necessary and appropriate, that the Users (content producers or consumers) communicate amongst themselves, especially in cases of possible disputes relating to CONTENT quality, delay in the delivery of CONTENT, Copyright, and Intellectual Property;
  • carry out analyses and studies relating to behavior, interest, and demography of Users, with the intent of understanding their demands and needs, in order to provide more adequate, efficient, and interesting services, improving the experience of usability of HOTMART SPARKLE tools;
  • improve our commercial and marketing strategies, in order to make the services offered better;
  • send Users, through messages, information relating to the products, services, advertisement, promotions, banners, and news from HOTMART SPARKLE.

At any moment, you may request to be unsubscribed from lists that send promotional or advertisement messages.

For detailed information on data collection and use of cookies and similar tools, access our Cookie Policy.

4)Storage and Protection of PERSONAL DATA collected

All PERSONAL DATA from users obtained in the moment of access, registration on HOTMART SPARKLE, use of the Platform, or at any other moment of contact/communication between user and Platform, will be stored in our database, for at least 6 (six) months or for a longer period, as requested by legal or administrative order, in the terms of the current legislation, or for legitimate means of development and offering of services to the users.

The PERSONAL DATA informed to HOTMART SPARKLE or by other means collected by HOTMART SPARKLE will be stored in safe databases, with access restricted only to employees with the appropriate credentials, who must keep the confidentiality of such information and not make use of it inadequately.

HOTMART SPARKLE may store, and process PERSONAL DATA collected and other information collected in a server located in Brazil or abroad.

5) Disclosure of PERSONAL and REGISTRATION DATA collected to third parties

You accept that, in an attempt to avoid illegal activities, in cases of suspicion of fraud, disputes, complaint about the CONTENT or any indication of foul play by the Users, including the dissemination of SPAM and situations involving potential threats to the physical well-being of an individual, the PERSONAL and REGISTRATION DATA of Users involved can be provided to the harmed parties. In certain cases, if HOTMART SPARKLE deems necessary, it can provide the data collected to the bodies and institutions intervening in the investigation of resolution of disputes between Users or between Users and third parties, such as: insurance companies, arbitration awards, and other competent administrative bodies.

You also agree that HOTMART SPARKLE may share PERSONAL and REGISTRATION DATA collected with the providers of third-party services to HOTMART SPARKLE, with the intent of allowing the development of their respective activities and ensure the improvement of services and operations of the Platform, for instance, but not limited to, services such as: data backup, fraud-prevention services, service provision of emails and databases, issuing of invoices, amongst others. In this case, HOTMART SPARKLE demands from all service providers with which we share users’ Personal Data, to include in their contracts, clauses that ensure the protection and confidentiality in processing data.

You agree, moreover, that in an eventual business operation that involves the restructuring of the corporate group to which HOTMART SPARKLE is part, as well as the acquisition or selling of stocks and assets, the PERSONAL DATA may be considered one of the commercial assets to be transferred. In these cases, HOTMART SPARKLE may transfer the PERSONAL and REGISTRATION DATA if the company is bought, or merged with (an)other company(ies).

Excluding the hypothesis stated in this Privacy Policy, the PERSONAL and REGISTRATION DATA, collected directly on the App, as well as the access registration to the Platform (ID address, date, time, and time zone) and the data relating to the transactions made through the Platform, may only be released to a third-party in the following cases:

  • by a request or specific authorization by the user him/herself;
  • in compliance with court order.

6) Retention of PERSONAL and Registration after termination of account

You can request that your account is deleted on HOTMART SPARKLE at any time at Any other means to this objective is ineffective. Notified of the User’s request, HOTMART SPARKLE will then proceed to definitively exclude the REGISTRATION DATA provided by the User throughout the duration of the relationship with HOTMART SPARKLE, which may take up to 5 (five) days. The access registration (IPs), if there are any, will be discarded after 180 days of storage, in the terms of the current Brazilian legislation.


We are against all and any practice that promotes SPAM of any kind and we are committed to ensure that every message sent by HOTMART SPARKLE are in the interest or are important to the respective recipient. Moreover, at any moment, the user may also choose to stop receiving messages from HOTMART SPARKLE by changing his or her preferences for receiving emails, or terminating his or her account, just like stated in the item above.

In the same manner, we ask our users not to practice any SPAM, that they make sure that the messages sent are always in the best interest of the recipient, being aware that the non-compliance with the good practices of the Internet may lead to the termination of the offender’s account on HOTMART SPARKLE, according to what is stated in the Terms of Use, as well as the release of REGISTRATION DATA, stated in the terms of this Privacy Policy.

8) Changes to this Privacy Policy

HOTMART SPARKLE reserves the right to, at any moment, change this Privacy Policy by updating its content according to the needs of technological improvement or its functionalities.

When changes are made to the Privacy Policy, HOTMART SPARKLE will inform its users via an email or through a publication in a featured area in the Platform and will request you to acknowledge and accept the altered Policy Privacy.

If you continue to use the tools offered by HOTMART SPARKLE after the communication of changes in the Privacy Policy, this will mean and will be considered unambiguous consent and irrevocable and irreversible acceptance of all the terms and conditions in the altered Privacy Policy.

For any clarification and further information about this Policy Privacy, please contact us at, with “Privacy Policy” in the subject line.